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RH48 Body Energiser Rebounder Zenpod

Price: $950.00
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To Heal Your Body, You Must Stimulate Your Lymphatic System.

  • Lymphacising magnifies results of ALL therapies.
  • Increases levels of oxygen in the blood.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Improves respiration.
  • Two year warranty on product and program.

Differences between cheap mini-trampolines and the RH48 Body Energiser Zenpodhealth:

  • Galvanised and prelubed. Large 1 metre diameter. Legs are 200 mm high.
  • Sprung for the Southern Hemisphere. (RH48s used in the Northern Hemisphere must have springs facing in the opposite direction.)
  • For safety, all springs are covered by fabric.  Made in New Zealand. Extremely durable even under heavy use.

    Your RH48 Body Energiser Zenpodhealth comes to you with a one-hour educational DVD program, 83-page User Guide, compass, cranial adjuster and lymphatic exercise chart.
    Fabric spring cover is available in burgundy or dark blue. Please specify your preference.



We ship your RH48 Zenpodhealth safely and quickly by courier, so we require your street address and telephone number.



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