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Digestive Compound: 200 Capsules

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Review: "Hypochlorydia" means the inadequate production of stomach acid by the parietal cells in the stomach. "Achlorydia" means a complete lack of stomach acid production. Experts believe that about half of all people over 65 suffer hypochlorydia, as well as many younger people.

It’s vital that we have enough stomach acid to break down food and release nutrients, and to kill any opportunistic invaders entering our bodies via the mouth.

Hypochlorydia symptoms can include heartburn, indigestion, gas, burping, bloating, flatulence, stomach pain or ache, feeling too full after eating (unless you genuinely have eaten too much!), constipation, diarrhoea and breaking down nutrients in food insufficiently.

So, why might your stomach acid production be low? There can be many reasons. Stress can impair production. Trauma such as emotional shock or a burn can stop it suddenly. Alcohol and food allergy substances can damage the parietal cells in the stomach, and this affects production. Bacteria such as helicobacter pylori can also affect acid levels. 
 Papain is the active ingredient in each 100% vegetable origin capsule. No gelatin.

Digestive Compound DOES NOT CONTAIN: Soy - Whey - Corn - Gelatin - Lactose - Gluten - Glucose - Sucrose - Sucralose - Sorbitol - Maltose - Dextrose - Maltodextrin - Fructose - Xylitol - Talc - Dye - Sodium Benzoate - Molasses - Artificial Sweeteners - Wheat - Rice - Sugars - Casein - GMO - Yeast - Preservatives - Fish or Animal Products - Enteric Coating - Shellac - Wax - Gelatin - Plastic - Nuts - Milk - Egg  - Titanium Dioxide - Artificial Colours or Flavours.
RECOMMENDED INTAKE: One capsule with each meal.  Digestive Compound is custom-
manufactured in Australia to our strict specifications. (AUST L 152054).

"Taking Digestive Compound with every meal has made a huge difference for me. I simply don't have the stomach pain and indigestion I had."
-- Michael Dobbs, Paddington, Q

"Since I began taking Digestive Compound, I'm feeling great. Thank you for a wonderful health product...."
-- Lucille Palmer, Fremantle, WA

"Digestive Compound is simply the best health product I've ever tried."
-- Karen Burrows, Hawthorn, V


 "Thank you for these wonderfully effective products!"  -- Mark Thompson, Cairns, Q


"I've been taking Digestive Compound with meals for the last six months.  Before I began taking it -- during the day, and especially after meals -- I could feel tartar film on my teeth.  I could literally scrape the muck off!  Now that I take Digestive Compound, I don't have any tartar on my teeth.  It is amazing.  I've also noticed that I don't feel as bloated after meals."

-- John Simon, Tenterfield, NSW


"Thank you (and Australia Post) for your prompt service! I just received my order, the next day after ordering. I was stressing that I wouldn't get it before I depart tomorrow, and, wow, it's on my doorstep today. I know this sounds silly, but I almost feel that I'm addicted to Digestive Compound. I'm going away for a week, and was doubting that my body would function properly without it. Mind over matter maybe!"

-- Rhonda Higgins, Fig Tree Pocket, Q


"Digestive Compound is a great product.  I survived with it overseas, even while eating luscious food."

--Barry Taylor, Ballarat, V


"Digestive Compound is magic!  Until now, I was taking antacids for years, but will never take another antacid."

--Marie Morgan, Bendigo, V


Many people take Digestive Compound with Hippocrates Food Enzymes concurrently, with each meal.

Important: If you are taking blood-thinning drugs, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you consult your health practicioner before consuming any product containing papain. 

We do not claim that inactive ingredients in Digestive Compund play a therapeutically active role.