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Holosync Meditation Free Demonstration


The Holosync® Solution

  • Eliminate stress
  • More prosperity and success
  • Happier relationships
  • End depression
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Holosync® gives you all the benefits of meditation - in a fraction of the time and without spending years learning how...

Holosync Solution Program

Occasionally, we come across something that markedly enhances life quality.

That "something" is an amazing program from the Centerpointe Research Institute: a set of high-tech CDs which contain a powerful technology called Holosync® designed to guide you into deep mental states to create dramatic personal growth.

Many have asked for a program like this, one that creates really deep meditation and all the positive changes meditation produces, so when we came across Centerpointe's program, we decided to look into it. (We've meditated twice every day, virtually every day, since 1974.)

What we found was something that dramatically accelerates personal growth. In fact, in all our years of meditation, we've never reached the meditative state so quickly and consistently.

We don't often recommend programs, but are now convinced that this is something that everyone should look into.

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A great part of my professional mission has been to help people feel that special heart connection, and to emotionally and spiritually improve the quality of their lives and the lives of the people around them. This program, created by Centerpointe Research Institute, is something I feel can very powerfully help you do that, greatly enhancing the quality of your life and helping you create dramatic and powerful personal change.

Jack Canfield

Bill Harris has helped thousands of people reach new heights of awareness. With the remarkable Holosync® audio technology developed at Centerpointe Research Institute, all of us can now learn to live at a new and higher level of functioning. Do yourself a huge favor by working with Holosync® audio technology.

Gay Hendricks

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